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infinite guitar
SuitabilityBeginner, Intermediate & Advanced
TrialNo free trial they offer a free membership with limited access
Song libraryYes
Mobile friendly designYes
Price$10.95/month | $28.50 Quarterly | $99.00 Yearly
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Full Infinite Guitar Review is another one of the guitar subscription websites on the internet with a growing catalog of video lessons. They are similar yet a little cheaper than Guitar Tricks and ArtistWorks for their guitar lessons.

They also have a basic membership that offers access to their user forum and provides some free lessons. Online the free trials on offer from their competitors this isn’t a time limited basic membership. So if you want to try it out you can do so for free.

They cater for all skill level although they are targeted at intermediate and advanced player rather than beginners.

They have a team of 11 tutors that have created over 1200 video lessons for you to enjoy. Each teacher has a unique style and playing technique so it is easy to find one that suits you. Having said that, most of the lessons are created by only a couple of the tutors.


  • Affordable with a good selection of lessons
  • There is a free plan that provides access to their forums and some of training videos.
  • Easy to search and find lessons with the advanced search filters. Lesson plans are a great idea as they structure lessons into a loose syllabus.
  • Affordable price compared to other guitar lesson websites


  • Not that great for beginners as only 20% of the content is suitable
  • Video quality can be poor on some lessons, from some instructors.
  • Split screen video is not available making it hard to see the exact technique used.
  • You can’t download the videos to watch offline – they only stream. If you are on the move and want to catch up you need a reliable internet connection or you can’t view lessons properly.
  • They only offer a 3 day money back guarantee


The guitar training videos

The training is provided via video lessons. Each tutor makes their own videos so the quality varies from person to person. the older content quality isn’t that great but the newer stuff is all done in HD which is a big improvement.

Some videos have multiple angles but they don’t have split views showing what each hand is doing which makes it harder to see the technique. The video player doesn’t have that many features but you can expand the video’s to full screen which is essential when looking at the screen from a distance.

Unfortunately you can’t download the lessons to your computer to watch offline. This can be a bit of pain if you want to re-watch something as you have to wait for it to buffer before it starts the video again. It also means that the training is completely reliant on you having a good quality internet connection. You can bookmark any lessons that you find particularly useful so you can find them quickly in future.

On the plus side the video’s aren’t done in Adobe Flash, they use HTML5 which means that they work on the iPhone or iPad.

Many lessons also contain supplemental content such as lesson text, tablature, diagrams and other visual aids to better illustrate what is being taught. If you want to print this supplemental material, you can easily do so from right within the lesson.

There is also a metronome and chord finder tools to help you while you are playing. The chord finder is great for newbies as it lets you see various chords played on a virtual fretboard using a clean or electric guitar sound.

Infinite Guitar covers most mainstream styles of guitar including rock, jazz, metal, blues, classical, funk, acoustic, fusion, latin, and country. They also have a very limited selection of song tutorials but there aren’t all that many well known songs in their catalog,

The website

The Infinite Guitar website is well organised making it easy to search and find the content you are interested in. The menu is structured based on the usual options such as style, skill level, instructor, topic, etc. However I found it easier to find the exact content I am interested in by using the advanced search feature. This allows you to fine tune your search using filters so you can find the exact thing you are after. For example all the advanced guitar lessons that teach blues.

The lesson plans are a great idea as they bundle individual guitar lessons into a course that you can follow to improve your technique. They have beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons plans. The beginner lesson plan is divided up into sections including, “First things to know”, “Your First Techniques”, “Let’s Learn Chords” “Scales and Exercises”, and “Basic Music Theory”. the only slight drawback is that the lessons are packaged from a variety of teachers so there is a variation in video quality and teaching methods. There is also some gaps in the training making it a frustrating experience on occasion. However it is a good feature.

The forum

You can interact with other members or the Infinite Guitar’s team of instructors via the forum. We found the instructors were particularly responsive with answers to queries coming back to us in a couple of hours from posting them.


Infinite Guitar is a great value for money option for those of you on a tight budget. You can try out the free membership to see if you like it and sign up for a paid membership if you do. They have a responsive set of teachers, decent video lessons and an affordable price – so what’s not to like. Remember you get what you pay for so sometimes it can be a frustrating experience with some poor quality video, the inability to download lessons, and gaps in some lesson plans but even so it is a pretty good option. If you are a beginner you may be a bit disappointed by the selection of lessons on offer as only 20% of it is designed for newbies.

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