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best guitar lessonsHi, I’m Becker and I have been playing guitar for about 3 years. I am no expert but I have steady improvements in my level of skill by using online guitar lessons.

Most novice guitarist will spend their first few months trying to find free guitar lessons. This is what I did. Trouble is it resulted in slow progress and a lot of frustration.

This is why I put this website together. To show the best free guitar lessons. However, they only take you so far.

I made the mistake of refusing to pay out for lessons and I found my progress wasn’t as fast as I wanted. I ended up wishing I had just spent the $19 it takes to join a paid guitar lesson memberships online.

After I finally did this my skills DRAMATICALLY improved. I found the well planned step by step training from skilled guitarists made it super-easy to progress and get better.

So my advise would be to sign up for an online guitar training as it is the fastest way to get better.

These Are The Best Places Online To Master Guitar

I have tried almost every online guitar lesson membership available on the web. Some are far better than others. Some are suited to beginners, others are better for more skilled guitarists.

To help you out and make your life easier I have put together some reviews showing the benefits and drawbacks of each of the paid guitar websites.

Hopefully they will help you make the right choice for you. If you pick the right one for your skill level you should see a vast improvement in your playing ability and triple how fast you improve at guitar.

The Top Guitar Lessons Websites Right Now

  1. Jamplay (Watch my review)
  2. Guitar Tricks  (Read my review and join for free)
  3. Infinite Guitar (Read my review)
  4. ArtistWorks (Read my review)

Quick Reviews


jamplay review


  • Huge list of lessons (over 8,000) and very easy to follow training. The site is well organized and the training is suitable for guitar beginners.
  • Super advanced training : One thing I should note is they also have a huge archive of super advanced training. If you’ve been playing for awhile and need that extra boost to hit the next level Jamplay is awesome for this.
  • Fairly cheap at $17 bucks a month. Keep in mind your getting access to 40 teachers and thousands of hours of training + live lessons if you want them.
  • Training in all forms of guitar. Electric, acoustic, country, shredding…They literally have it all

Verdict : Jamplay is high quality, cheap, and perfect for beginners. It also caters for advanced guitarists. I am currently a member, so I recommend it!

Click Here To Check Out Jamplay


guitar tricks



Guitar Tricks

  • The best site for beginner guitarist
  • Can sign up for free and try it out (great if your first membership site)
  • Has over 8,000 lessons so you never run out
  • It is the most affordable guitar lessons
  • You have nothing to lose with a 60 day refund guarantee

Click Here To Get 14 Days FREE At Guitar Tricks


Why Online Guitar Lessons?

Online guitar lessons can be a great way to learn playing the guitar easily and conveniently. No matter whether you want to learn how to play guitar with the hope of joining your church choir or a local band, or just for fun and personal fulfillment, online guitar lessons are the best choice.

Whether you are a beginner or you simply want to hone your guitar playing skills, you can locate many online sources that can be extremely helpful. Online guitar lessons are gaining popularity and enthusiastic guitarists are keen to improve their skills in a convenient way, given the busy lifestyles we often find ourselves leading. Thanks to the advents in technology and the internet, it is now possible to undertake guitar lessons online in the comfort of your living room. Some of the finest online guitar courses can help you become an expert guitarist quickly.

Undertaking guitar lessons online is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, online guitar lessons allow you to access a constant source of musical content from wherever you are and at any time. There are many guitar teachers out there and more guides being posted on the internet each day. By taking advantage of online resources, it is easy to learn playing this musical instrument from several tutors and learn many techniques.

Online guitar lessons can help save time and money if you select the right ones for you. But if you hire a private guitar tutor, you might speed a lot of time organizing and packing your stuff as well as traveling to and from class. You might learn a technique or two but forget everything even before you reach home. With guitar lessons online, however, you can always revisit the instructions and come up with your own learning timetable. An online guitar course can save you money as well.

You can find our Jamplay Review here


The cost of hiring private tutors can be high

Online lessons also allow you to learn at a convenient pace and more importantly, the use of videos will enable you to learn under a comfortable environment without any pressure. That way, you do not face disappointment that you would otherwise experience if you learn in a class full of fast learners. If you think that a lesson is simple, you can skip or move to the next stage and start learning new techniques. That way, you are able to learn playing guitar faster than those who take private guitar lessons.

There are no risks involved since online tutors usually offer a strong money-back guarantee, providing you with a chance to utilize the lessons and in case you are dissatisfied, you can claim your money back.

Finding the right guitar lessons via the internet is simple if you know where to look. If you are a beginner, you might want to look for programs that provide free beginner lessons. The best lessons will include video, audio, diagrams and text. A good online course will help you learn the basics fast so you can maintain your motivation.

metal guitar training can help you advance your guitar playing techniques and transform you into a master guitarist within a short period of time.

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